20 January 2017

Filming of “Nit i dia” underway

The first season of the series produced by MEDIAPRO was a big hit with audiences on TV3 as well as picking up excellent reviews from TV critics

“Nit i dia” is back. Filming is underway of the TV3 series produced by MEDIAPRO, a real-life thriller featuring forensic doctors, the police and judges, people who spend all day on the dark side of reality. Jordi Bosch, Josep Maria Pou, Ramon Fontserè, Lluïsa Mallol, Micky Esparbé, Pep Cruz, Dafnis Balduz, Àlex Casanovas, Irene Montalà, Pol López, Sílvia Bel and Núria Prims are just some of the names who join the cast for the new episodes.

“Nit i dia”, with its light and shade, proved a big hit with TV3 audiences as well as picking up excellent reviews from the critics. The first season saw it notch up 385,000 viewers and a 13.2% share, making it the number one viewer choice in its broadcast slot. Now, Sara Grau is back at work and having to face up to her past again, because one way or another, it always returns.
The plot for the second season were written by Lluís Arcarazo and Jordi Galceran, the series’ creators along with help from Oriol Paulo and Jordi Vallejo. A new set of episodes, with filming getting underway this week under the direction of Manuel Huerga and Oriol Paulo. This season, like the last, will see all the plot-lines resolved in the final episode.
The new episodes of “Nit i dia” will see Jordi Bosch, Josep Maria Pou, Ramon Fontserè, Lluïsa Mallol, Micky Esparbé, Pep Cruz, Dafnis Balduz, Àlex Casanovas, Irene Montalà, Pol López, Sílvia Bel and Núria Prims, among others join the cast of faces featured in the first season.
Viewers will get the chance to catch up on the comings and goings of the characters played by Clara Segura, David Verdaguer, Pablo Derqui, Alba Pujol, Oriol Vila, Miquel Fernández, Anna Alarcón, Victòria Pagès, Mar Ulldemolins, Mireia Vilapuig, Mima Riera and Manel Sans.
The past: one way or another, always returns.
The chance discovery of the body of a young boy, missing for 25 years, forces the forensic scientist Sara Grau to take an obsessive interest in the case way beyond her professional obligations that have implications for her private life.
At the same time, the death of a judge in strange circumstances reveals a hidden plot which involves a dangerous mixture of ambition, sex and a power struggle.
Two stories which unfold over the course of the new episodes like a game of chess.
Blacks and whites, light and dark and night and day.

The first round of matches in the Superliga Orange League of Legends, season 12 of the LVP, set to be played live in Tenerife on the 5th February

A new season of the Professional Video-game League with improved audiovisual production, more content, better tournament organisation and visiting different cities

Last December at the Gamergy Orange Edition, the Video-game Professional League (a MEDIAPRO Group company) announced the upgrades to the professional competition: thanks to the agreement between MEDIAPRO and Orange, the Premier League of League of Legends and Call of Duty were transformed into the Superliga Orange. This new and better competition, kicking off in February, will feature improved audiovisual production, improved content and a more professionally run tournaments, in addition to visiting different cities around Spain.

First round of the Superliga Orange League of Legends

The first stop on the competition calendar of the Superliga Orange League of Legends, the 12th season of the LVP, will be played live in the Adán Martín Auditorium in Tenerife on the 5th February. It is the first time in the history of the event that the LVP has opened the competition with a live event.

The initiative is a consequence of the agreement between the LVP, the Canary Island Regional Government in Tenerife, via Área Tenerife 2030, and the Innova7 Association. All of the signatories to the deal support the promotion of the use of new technologies and the development of social values to help build a knowledge-based economy.

According to Sergi Mesonero, the director of strategy at LVP, “among other objectives for the Superliga Orange are to take the experience of the top-level competition in Spain beyond the typical venues of Madrid and Barcelona. We’re delighted to be able to come to the Canary Islands and share the experience with the fans here for whom travelling to the rest of Spain is a complicated and costly process. We are particularly happy to be here in Tenerife, where the fans are really passionate about the sport and which has seen the holding of an event of the size of the TLP Tenerife before”.

The four opening matches of the season will see the best League of Legends teams in the country do battle.

The first match-day of the Superliga Orange League of Legends is set for Sunday the 5th February. The event will kick off with an opening ceremony at 12:30 (Spanish mainland time, 11:30 in the Canary Islands). After the opening ceremony, there will be four games with the highlight being the re-match of last year’s grand final between: ASUS ROG Army and G2 Vodafone, reigning LVP champions and runners-up.

As always, the matches will be broadcast live online. From the second match-day onwards, the competition will be played in its usual time-slot of Monday and Tuesday nights.

Training workshops

And that’s not all, from Wednesday the 1st until Sunday the 5th, the LVP and Innova 7 teams (the organisers of the TLP) have scheduled a host of different content training activities as well as other events so that the players can enjoy the venue.

The organisations, aware of the growing interest in electronic sports in Spain and in particular in Tenerife, have decided to provide opportunities for both the general public and a more specific niche in this booming leisure and tech’ market. In addition to the values mentioned previously, there a host of emerging professions converging around e-sports. There are not only professional players making a living from the sector but also managers and advisers, marketing professionals, communications experts, graphic designers, audiovisual content creators and specialised journalists who are becoming more and more interested in the potential of the sector.

For this reason, as part of the first stop on the Superliga Orange calendar, there will be training workshops organised for activities related to the electronic sports sector which has been entry into digital know-how for so many people in recent years.

Other activities in Tenerife

On Friday, the 3rd February, a presentation dinner is set to be held which will include the players, the coaches, league executives and famous faces.

Saturday will see a ‘viewing party’ with broadcasts of the matches from the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS), the European first division, in addition to a cosplay competition and a Meet & Greet with the Superliga Orange players. Finally, there will also be an official Afterparty open to the public.

In addition, over the course of their stay, the players will get a chance to enjoy a morning-off in some of the island’s tourist spots. A first-class schedule, which won’t be the only surprise of the new Superliga Orange season.

Tickets will soon be on sale at an incredible 4€ for the standard entrance package.

This Saturday fight-night on GOL with the European Super-welterweight title on the line

The channel is set to broadcast the fight for the European Super-welterweight title between the Spaniard Isaac Real “Chaca” and the Frenchman Cedric Vitu live from 22:15

Boxing fans are in for a treat on the evening of the 21st January with GOL’s live coverage from 22:15 of the fight between the Spaniard Isaac Real “Chaca” from the Gallego Prada stable and the Frenchman Cedric Vitu for the European Super-welterweight crown.

The fight from Paris with the Frenchman champion putting his belt on the line for the third successive time against a Spanish fighter after victories against Roberto Santos and Rubén Varón. Isaac Real sets out to regain the belt he lost against Jack Culcay in August 2014.

The broadcast will be presented by the veteran Basque journalist and the voice of boxing in Spain, Jaime Ugarte, along with fight specialist, Emilio Marquiegui, and the Catalan fighter and “Chaca” sparring partner, Sergio Blanco. Viewers will be able to interact from their living rooms with the programme via the #BoxeoEnGol hashtag.

After the main bout of the night from Paris, GOL will also be offering some of the other big fights of the evening from 00:30, including the Canary Islander Jerobe “Chocolatito” Santana up against the Frenchman Marvin Petit the EU light-weight belt.

With the fight, GOL is taking another step towards to its goal of offering viewers the very best contact sports, a discipline which joins football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, motor-racing, cycling, hockey as well as a host of other adventure and action sports on the programme schedule.

Arturo Valls and Manolo Lama set to host the latest Globomedia project “Ninja Warrior” on Antena 3

The show is looking for Spain’s toughest competitors to take part in the first season

“Ninja Warrior”, one of the most successful recent TV programmes world-wide, is one step closer to making its debut here in Spain. The new show is set to be presented by Arturo Valls with the help of Manolo Lama, who will be providing the technical commentary for the Globomedia (MEDIAPRO Group) produced show featuring some of Spain’s toughest competitors. In order to become “ninja warrior” the contestants will be put through some of television’s most extreme physical tests.

A no-holds barred test of physical and mental toughness, where the contestants will be highly skilled sportsmen and women facing some of the stiffest challenges of their lives designed to test their strength, co-ordination and speed.

Auditions to find the contestants for TV’s most physically demanding show have been held in gyms in Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona and Seville.

“Ninja Warrior” is one of the most successful programmes world-wide, NBC from the USA has recently broadcast the 8th season of the show to average audiences of 6 million viewers. In the UK, Germany, France, Sweden and Denmark the show has also been a huge hit with TV watchers.

GOL is offering exclusive live coverage of the first leg of the LaCopa quarter-final between Real Sociedad and FC Barcelona

“Directo Gol” will be the first to show free-to-air highlights of the week’s first quarter-final games between Real Madrid CF and RC Celta de Vigo and the rest of the night’s cup action

GOL continues its coverage of the very best Spanish domestic football with its live, exclusive broadcast of the LaCopa quarter-final between Real Sociedad and FC Barcelona on Thursday at 21:15. The network will be providing comprehensive coverage of the game with a crack team of commentators led by Josep Lluís Merlos with the help of Javier de Pedro, the former Real Sociedad player and Miquel Soler, the ex-Barça player with Xabier Mendía bringing viewers all the latest news from pitch-side and Isabel Former from the VIP lounges.
FC Barcelona will be looking to win in a stadium which has seen them go 8 matches without coming away with a victory. Real Sociedad, on the other hand, will be seeking to take the momentum from their 2-0 away win last week against Malaga in the league into the cup match.
GOL viewers will be able to enjoy a comprehensive match preview from 18:00 in “Directo Gol” and after the game, at 23:15, a further edition of “Directo Gol” will be bringing viewers all the goals as well as post-match press conferences and player interviews. The programme, presented by Felipe del Campo, will feature match analysis from Dani García Lara, a Barça player from 1999 to 2003 and Roberto López Ufarte, a Real Sociedad player from 1975 to 1987.
In addition, “Directo Gol” will also be showing a special edition of the show with the first free-to-air match highlights of the Real Madrid CF – RC Celta de Vigo and the AD Alcorcón – Deportivo Alavés matches.


Telemadrid now broadcasting the new season of “Animalia”

Every Wednesday, in prime-time, the series shows viewers the complex world of relationships between animals and humans

The new season of “Animalia” is now on air on Telemadrid, Wednesday evenings at 21.40, after Telenoticias. The series, produced by Media 3.14 debuted on the regional channel in 2003 and over the 7 seasons, has provided viewers with an insight into the complex world of the relationship between animals and humans. Every week, viewers will get a front-row seat on all the operations performed on the animals and the treatment follow-ups as well as experiencing the roller-coaster of emotions with the up-and-downs of their post-op recoveries. The programme shows the day-to-day activities of the main veterinary clinics in Madrid and shows how human animals can be.

The new episodes of “Animalia” are set to feature Chulo, a young bullmastiff who’s swallowed a towel. Draco and Aries are a pair of iguanas with skin problems. Federico, a dog-trainer, who’s not afraid of getting bitten, will show us how to train potentially dangerous dogs. Thanks to the horse Duquesa, a boy with autism, Alberto, has made real progress after a year of hard work. At the zoo, viewers will be meeting Pilar, a two-month old elephant calf as well as a panda who is yet to be named. Parks, homes, zoos, and farms are just some of the places where the sometimes unheard and often moving stories take place.

Guillermo Fesser to provide his light-hearted view of Donald Trump’s new America for “El Intermedio”

From the USA, he’ll be bringing viewers his take on the new presidential era in the new section “I want to live in America” of the Globomedia produced show

“El Intermedio” launches “I want to live in America”, a series of reports by Guillermo Fesser from the USA. The journalist, script-writer and film-maker will become the Globomedia produced laSextas news programme’s eyes and ears across the pond. Fesser will provide a light-hearted take on Donald J. Trump’s America when he takes over from Obama in the White House.

The soon-to-be 45th president of the United States has promised to build a wall along the Mexican border, prevent Muslims from coming into the country, put up trade tariffs with the Chinese and sports a funkier hair-cut than Neymar.

Everyone is waiting with baited-breath for the arrival of Trump and his new America and to that end, “El Intermedio” has hired the services of Gullermo Fesser as their star reporter to bring viewers his first-hand account of his impressions straight from the horse’s mouth.

Guillermo Fesser, who became a house-hold name as part of the comedy duo Gomaespuma with Juan Luis Cano, with whom he launched a host of hit radio shows as well as having a successful career as a film director and script-writer. He is currently working on the Carlos Alsina show on Onda Cero, in the “La Cultureta” section. As a film-maker he directed “Cándida” and wrote the hits “El milagro de P. Tinto” and “La gran aventura de Mortadelo y Filemón”.

“El Conquistador del Caribe”, number one viewer choice on its premiere on ETB 2

The 13th edition of the reality adventure show produced by Hostoil was also a big hit online

The evening of the 16th January on ETB saw “El Conquistador del Caribe” notch up a note-worthy 16.8% share (172,000 viewers), making it the number one viewer choice in its broadcast slot. The reality adventure show produced by Hostoil, which has been a big hit on the Basque regional network since 2005, has moved to the Caribbean to put 36 new contestants to what has been called “the stiffest challenges in the history of the show”.

The launch of the 13th season of the show presented by Juan Iantxi peaked at 386,000 viewers, with the website also notching up 32,000 unique users looking at content on the programme’s official website. On Facebook content related to the show reached more than 160, 000 people, generating hundreds of positive comments. And, on Twitter, the hashtag #conquisestreno was also one of the most commented topics of the evening.

The MEDIAPRO Group presents its productions at the NATPE Miami

The event is one of the biggest international content fairs

Imagina International Sales is currently presenting a host of MEDIAPRO Group productions at the NATPE event including “Crush”, “Pulsaciones”, “Nit i Dia” and “Vis a Vis”. The fair, which takes place from the 17th to the 19th January in Miami Beach, is one of the world’s most important content markets especially for Latin America and the Hispanic market in the USA. Every year, the National Association of Television Programme Executives brings together buyers, sellers, decision-makers and influencers from around the world to sign deals and make contacts with other companies and people in the audiovisual content sector.

Imagina International Sales will be hosting its own stand (#225) in the “Audiovisual from Spain” situated on the Market Floor in Fontaineblue.

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