19 June 2017

The Confederations Cup on GOL

All the tournament’s matches can be seen free-to-air in Spain on GOL

GOL is set to be the football channel of reference from the 17th June to the 2nd July in Spain with its free-to-air coverage of the 10th edition of the Confederations Cup, a tournament which includes Germany, the World Champions, Portugal, the European Champions, Chile, Copa America winners, Mexico, Central-American champs, as well as Cameroon, Australia, New Zealand and the host nation, Russia.

Felipe del Campo, Gemma Soler and Fermín Rodríguez will be presenting a special “Directo GOL Confederaciones” from 16:00 with match previews as well as post-match debate, match-day highlights as well as comprehensive analysis of the tournament from the network’s team of pundits Toni Padilla, Alain Valnegri, Aitor Lagunas, Ramiro Martín and Alberto Edjogo.
Cristiano Ronaldo is the tournament’s stand-out player after his brilliant club form. Other stars include the Chileans Alexis Sánchez and Arturo Vidal, as well as the Mexicans Javier Hernández “Chicharito” and Carlos Vela. Match commentary will be provided by Miguel Ángel Román, Lluís Izquierdo and Héctor Ruiz.
The Confederations Cup is yet another quality football competition to be screened free-to-air on GOL and joins the LaLiga, LaLiga 1|2|3, the Spanish Cup, the Iberdrola League and Spain’s highest Junior League. Coverage of this latest top tournament confirms GOL’s stand-out role in free-to-air football broadcasting in Spain.

Filming underway of “Estoy vivo”, the new RTVE series

Produced by Globomedia, the police drama series with supernatural undertones revolves around the return to the world of a police detective five years after his death

Javier Gutiérrez, Roberto Álamo and Anna Castillo, three recent Goya film-award winning actors, head the cast of “Estoy vivo”, the new RTVE series that is now in filming. Alejo Sauras, Cristina Plazas, Alfonso Bassave, Fele Martínez, Jesús Castejón, Lucía Caraballo, Zorion Eguileor, Mon Ceballos and Goizalde Núñez complete the high-profile cast and which also features a special guest appearance from Julia Gutiérrez Caba, a legend of Spanish film-making and also a Goya award-winner.

Supernatural undertones run through the police drama produced by RTVE together with Globomedia (MEDIAPRO Group) and created by Daniel Écija. It’s a perfect mix of adult fantasy and police drama, “Estoy vivo” kicks off with an unlikely event: Andrés Vargas is a police detective who died chasing the Midnight Butcher, a serial killer who murdered five women. Vargas get the chance to come back to life but five years later and in the body of Manuel Márquez, another detective played by Javier Gutiérrez.

In his effort to catch the Midnight Butcher, Vargas, now Márquez, is joined by Susana, a young and up-and-coming police woman played by Anna Castillo. A special relationship between the two develops and they join forces to find the murderer who is back in action five years on. Vargas is not the only person to rejoin the living. A surprising character played by Alejo Sauras will also join him in his fight to find his killer.

The MEDIAPRO Group organises the 150th anniversary celebrations of Aigües de Barcelona

The screening of the film “La força del progrés” and an impressive mapping display were key parts of the event programme

Mediapro Exhibitions and Mediapro Brands were responsible for organising the 150th anniversary celebrations of Aigües de Barcelona, which took place last Wednesday at the Aigües Museum in Cornellà. The event was chaired by Àngel Simón, the company chairman and also saw the president of the Catalan regional government; the home secretary, Josep Rull; the Agriculture minister, Meritxell Serret; and the mayors of Cornellà, l’Hospitalet and Tarragona all attend.

An old water-tank with a capacity of 2000 cubic metres of water, converted into an auditorium, was used for the event’s main celebration. Outside the auditórium a special site was set up the “Plaça del Compromís”, an outdoor space which highlighted Aigües de Barcelona’s commitment to innovation and people.

Presented by Helena Garcia Melero and Oriol Nolis, the event alternated between the two sites both indoors and outdoors, where Oriol Nolis interviewed different guests. To help demonstrate how water has been an engine for progress and how it is treated and managed defines society a special film was made: “La força del progrés”, produced by Mediapro Exhibitions and simultaneously projected on two big screens (10 x 3.5 m). In addition, a variety of related videos were also screened about the work of Aigües de Barcelona and an impressive mapping display of the water-tank project was also a highlight of the celebrations. With music from Miguel Poveda the celebrations came to an end with a standing ovation from the invited guests.

MEDIAPRO in hand with the Professional Video-game League (LVP)launches its ambitious e-sports international expansion

LVP is set to be present in 9 more countries in the next five years

Following on its consolidation in the Spanish market, the LVP has an 80% share of the e-sports market, the MEDIAPRO Group is undertaking an ambitious plan of international expansion of its activities in the sector. The LVP is looking to leverage its track record in organisation and management of both online and live competitions in Spain by expanding internationally via ArenaGG, both developing professional competitions. The Group’s plans include countries such as the USA, Columbia, Argentina and the Middle East in addition to Portugal.

ArenaGG ( is the playing field for the amateur competitions and the perfect platform for the development of a host of other tournaments from the friendly competitions to professional events.

The plan designed by the LVP, whose first stop is Portugal, is centred on Latin America and Europe leveraging the MEDIAPRO Group’s important international presence with offices in 41 countries in 24 different countries. In Portugal, the LVP is set to work with INYGON, the organiser of the national League of Legends (LPLOL) and e-sports pioneer in Portugal. This Iberian alliance, in addition to bringing an important increase in the amateur competitive scene in Portugal, also strengthens the League’s strategy of taking its expertise in the eSports sector to other countries.

The arrival of the LVP in Portugal also means the creation of a base of players and tournaments which could evolve into the organisation of a professional competition, following the example of the Orange Super-league League of Legends and Call of Duty which are big hits in Spain.

ArenaGG Portugal is set to work in a very similar way to ArenaGG which already exists in Spain and has a following of 150 thousand players. The Portuguese version of this online playing field will offer daily tournaments, individual duels, monthly rankings and other special competitions which will provide winners with direct prizes. In addition, the ArenaGG Portugal players will also be able to take part in tournaments organised by ArenaGG and compete against Spanish players, consolidating the agreements reached between the two countries.

The new Arena, focusing on PC and mobile-enabled games, will see a launch phase featuring League of Legends, Hearthstone, Clash Royale and Overwatch, and will shortly be followed up by Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Via daily, weekly and monthly tournaments, all games will provide access to important cash prizes.

About LVP

The Professional Video-game League- LVP is the biggest e-sports league in Spain, leading the sector with both online and live competitions. It runs the country’s most prestigious tournaments (Superliga Orange), competitions and other amateur events (LVP Arena) as well as distributing international events in Spanish such as the League of Legends Championship Series (c) and Rocket League Championship Series (c). The LVP, backed by the MEDIAPRO Group, also covers gaming technology services, event production, advertising and audiovisual production and all the other aspects of the e-sports eco-system.

"El accidente" putting finishing touches to filming

Inma Cuesta and Quim Gutiérrez, star along with a high-profile cast, talked to the press about their characters in the new Globomedia production for Telecinco

Just a few weeks away from finishing filming, “El accidente”, a Globomedia prodcued series for Telecinco, invited the press to one of its main outdoor filming locations. In a country estate on the outskirts of Madrid, the programme team has recreated a typical Extremaduran farm-house and it was used as the back-drop for the media interviews for the lead actors in the series: Inma Cuesta, Quim Gutiérrez, Alain Hernández, Eusebio Poncela, Berta Vázquez and Joel Bosqued.

“El accidente” is an action-packed thriller that tells the story of a woman with a simple life in a picture-perfect country location who, as a consequence of a chance event, begins to discover that her past and everything that surrounds her is based on a pack of never-ending lies and secrets. From that moment, she will be forced to take control of the situation and carve out a new existence, which sets off a train of events which will see her change dramatically and stop being that normal woman she was.

Everything starts with a plane crash in which José (Quim Gutiérrez) was supposed to have died, a model husband and father who ran the small family business. As soon as she finds out about the accident, his wife, Lucía (Inma Cuesta) starts to gather information about what happened but she soon learns that there were no survivors. However, nobody appears to know anything about her husband, and he’s not found among the victims, and he’s not on the passenger list either, he’s disappeared into thin air.

What’s behind the mystery plane-crash? Lucia’s situation is still further confused when she discovers more details about the events and the strange reaction of family members and starts her asking if she really knew her husband, if José was really who he said he was and the man who she built her family with.

The “MEDIAPRO LIVE, la revolución en directo” exhibition sees 10,000 visitors

The first two weeks of the event in the Palau Robert has seen audiovisual professionals, families and visitors to the city pass through the doors

The “MEDIAPRO LIVE, la revolución en directo” exhibition has reached the 10,000-visitor mark in just two weeks at the Palau Robert in Barcelona with its look at the human effort behind and the technological revolution that sees news and entertainment sent around the world immediately. So far since the start of the exhibition, some ten groups have been able to enjoy a guided tour. MEDIAPRO has set up an e-mail address for audiovisual professionals as well as students and other interested groups to sign up for a guided tour of the exhibition:

Visitors are able to see a host of icon images from the last 20 years, share a script-meeting with the “El Intermedio” team via 360º technology or see how the MEDIAPRO Group, Europe’s most important audiovisual group, really works via 100 touch-screen tablets. An exhibition which encourages the visitor to use new technologies to see how the world of audiovisual production works. It is also an explanation of what MEDIAPRO is, by the people who make the company and the people and the projects that have shaped the Group’s 24-year old history.

The exhibition calls it a day at 20:00 but it’s just the start of the parallel activities on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings. Since the start of the exhibition and until its close on the 24th September, MEDIAPRO has programmed a series of events screening some of the Group’s most emblematic productions. The screenings will take place in the marquee set up in the garden with free access and some big premieres. Last week saw a “The Young Pope” series marathon, a programme which previously had only been shown on the HBO pay channel.

The schedule of the parallel activities can be found at the exhibition web-site:

Overon provides comprehensive coverage of the general elections in the UK

Together with Mediapro UK, the company has covered all the major news stories in the country over recent weeks

Overon together with Mediapro UK provided comprehensive coverage of the general elections held in the UK on the 8th June with live broadcasting services from an exclusive area with views of the parliament buildings in Queen’s Walk with marquees equipped to supply broadcast services. TVE used the area to provide its news coverage of the elections on the 8th and the 9th.

Overon also sent 6 3G/4G back-packs as well as 13 DSNG’s which were exclusively used by British providers covering a host of locations around the country. Overon staff totalled close to 30 people. Overon provided more than 60 live link-ups for TV stations such as Antena 3, laSexta, Forta, Telesur, Telecinco, Cuatro, Telemadrid, TVG and TVE.

Terrorist attack in London

Overon also provided comprehensive coverage right after the terrorist attack on the 3rd June in London. At half past midnight, it was already up and running with a 3G/4G back-pack from the site of the attack at Borough Market. The satellite units arrived only hours after the attack along with a 15-strong team. Technical equipment included 5 satellite units and 5 3G/4G back-packs. More than 120 live link-ups were provided for clients including TVE, Antena 3, laSexta, Telecinco, Cuatro, Canal Sur, Aragón TV, Castilla-La Mancha TV, Telemadrid, TVG, M6, ZDF, Infonetwork, RTL and VTM Belgium.

The Final of the Champions League in Cardiff

Overon provided production services for the Final of the Champions League in Cardiff from a variety of different locations. Technical equipment featured more than 40 staff and 11 DSNG’s. Clients included channels such as TVE, Antena 3, Cuatro, Telemadrid, beIN SPORTS Espanya, GOL, Realmadrid TV, Al Jazeera Sports, etc.

"Ninja Warrior" launches on Antena 3 as the most watched programme over the day with more than 2.5 million viewers

The sports entertainment show presented by Arturo Valls, Pilar Rubio and Manolo Lama was also the number-one share choice with 18.4%

“Ninja Warrior”, the sports entertainment show produced by Globomedia for Antena 3, launched as the most watched programme over the course of the day with 2,567,000 viewers. Friday the 9th June, the Spanish version of the international success story was also the number-one share leader with an impressive 18.4%; as well as posting the most-watched minute over the day at 23:31, 3,142,000 viewers (21.2%) were tuned in when Celine Pignolet became the first woman to beat the obstacle course.

With new surprises in store for the followers of the 5-programme super-production presented by Arturo Valls, Pilar Rubio and Manolo Lama, the second instalment is set to air on Friday the 16th June in the Madrid Arena and will feature armed Jedi warriors with laser swords, noisy bikers and a host of figure skaters.

Along with the Star Wars fans taking part, the high-power bikers and the ice-skaters, will be two cycling champions, Oscar Pereiro, a Tour de France winner and Carlos Coloma, a bronze medallist at the Rio Olympics all looking to get over the 4-metre wall which provides access to the final and the chance of becoming Spain’s first ever Ninja Warrior. A shaolin monk and an expert pole-dancer will amaze viewers before taking on the new upgraded obstacle course which is set to provide even more entertainment for viewers.

The “Nit i dia” series crosses the screen with a trip to an escape room

TV3 is currently airing the second season of the MEDIAPRO produced series

The series “Nit i dia”, produced by MEDIAPRO and whose second season is currently being aired on TV3, can also now be seen off-screen. Viewers have now got the chance to become detectives and go in search of the definitive evidence to solve the case. Lasting 60 minutes in a Mystery Escape Barcelona, they’ll find out that nothing is quite what it seems in the series. Just as in the series itself, they have to work together to solve the case and escape in time.

Every Monday, TV3 airs the latest episodes of the new season to excellent reviews from the TV critics. “Nit i dia” is a series starring forensic scientists, policemen and women and judges, characters who spend their days battling with the darker side of life. The first season is set to be broadcast internationally in the USA and the UK thanks to the agreement reached with Global Series Network, negotiated by Imagina International Sales. The series is now building on the excellent audience feedback to develop the brand off screen.

The “Friends of Johan” meet to pay tribute to one of football’s greatest ever figures in the MEDIAPRO auditorium

“Salid y disfrutad” brought together 300 guests including event organisers Pep Guardiola, Ferran Adrià and Sergi Pàmies

El auditorio MEDIAPRO en Barcelona se llenó el pasado miércoles bajo el lema “Salid y disfrutad”. In an event organised by the “Friends of Johan”, Pep Guardiola, Ferran Adrià and Sergi Pàmies together with the journalist Antoni Bassas, they relived anecdotes from the world football legend’s life which provided lessons on football, work and life in general.

The tribute, which is looking to become an annual event, saw Friends from across society attend: sport, culture, media and business in Catalonia along with Mediapro founders Jaume Roures and Tatxo Benet. Xavi Hernández, Roger Garcia, José Mari Bakero and Eusebio Sagristà; the former Barça chairman, Joan Laporta; the musician David Carabén; Manel Fuentes, all enjoyed the look-back at the life of the player and coach who left his mark on not only Barça but the whole of football and which can be nicely summed up with his favourite words: “Go out and enjoy yourselves”.

Susila Cruyff, the daughter of the footballer and the coach, brought the event to a close, which could be followed via the MEDIAPRO YouTube channel.

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