19 March 2018

LaLiga and MEDIAPRO bring the McDonald’s Virtual LaLiga eSports to Spain

With the backing of the LVP, the new competition joins the EA SPORTS FIFA 18 Global Series in the run-up to the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018

The McDonald’s Virtual LaLiga eSports comes to Spain as the first big project for LaLiga eSports. With the support of the Professional Video-game League, a MEDIAPRO Group company specialising in electronic sports and as an EA SPORTS FIFA 18 Global Series official partner in the run-up to the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018, the aim is to make this tournament into a benchmark competition in Spain.

The competition is set to take place in Spain with qualifying tournaments to find the Spanish representatives for the EA SPORTS FIFA 18 Global Series Play-offs in June. The play-offs will provide access to the FIFA eWorld Cup, the tournament which is set to crown the EA Sports FIFA World Cup.

The competition consists of an online qualifying phase and a live final phase on both Xbox and PlayStation. The first phase gets underway on the 19th March and it will be open to all players over the age of 16 and will played entirely online on ArenaGG, the LVP games platform. The online phase offers 31 qualifying spots, 16 for Xbox and 15 for PlayStation.

The second part of the tournament, which is due to kick off on the 16th April, will live and hosted at the LVP studios in Barcelona. 16 players on each platform will compete style knock-out every week for the chance for national glory. The winner of each tournament will get a ticket to the EA SPORTS FIFA 18 Global Series play-offs.

In addition, McDonald’s is set to organise an exclusive tournament which will see the best placed contestant get one of the 16 PlayStation spots for the final phase of the McDonald’s Virtual LaLiga eSports.

LaLiga’s e-sports’ lead sponsor is McDonald’s but will also El Corte Inglés, Allianz, Hyundai and Orange support LaLiga’s first eSports venture.

MEDIAPRO and LVP joined forces in 2016 with the aim of professionalising, expanding and promoting e-sports, making the LVP into the number one e-sports competition in Spain as well as taking it to other Spanish speaking countries such as Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Columbia, Peru and Portugal.

“Pepe’s Beach Bar” travels to Mexico

The adaptation of the series produced by 100 Balas will broadcast on Imagen Televisión

“Pepe’s Beach Bar” TV series, produced by Mediaset España together with MEDIAPRO Group’s 100 Balas production company, will have its adaptation in Mexico thanks to the agreement with Imagen Television.

With the provisional title of Changarrito de Pepe, the Mexican adaptation will have 60 episodes and will start shooting in 2018 in some emblematic spot of the Mexican coast, still to be determined. At the moment, Imagen Televisión is starting the process of choosing the actors that will play the leading roles in this series.

This agreement adds to those already announced to confirm the great International career of this fiction, produced by Mediaset España together with 100 Balas, which has already conquered many countries, both in Latin America and Europe.

“Pepe’s Beach Bar” premiered on Telecinco Prime Time achieving excellent audience ratings and becoming the leading prime time show throughout the entire first season. The series tells the story of the adventures of a world-famous chef who was awarded several Michelin stars and who, all of a sudden, must refloat his father’s beach bar business, without the latter being aware that he is the son he never knew he had. For this purpose, he must adapt to a new cooking style and to an environment that is totally new for him.

GOL invests in entertainment and launches “Los Infiltrados”, presented by Vador Lladó

The new programme will show the fun side of sport with Ares Teixidó, Alan Lillo, Enric Lucena, Oriol Dalmau, Clara Piera and Bruno Feliu

The new lunch-time show on GOL, presented by Vador Lladó called “Los Infiltrados”, will air live on Thursdays and Fridays every week from 12.30 to 14.00 with the aim of going behind the scenes of the world of sport, with a humourous look at it in an attempt to demystify everything that surrounds it.

Lladó, with a benchmark radio show in Catalonia, will be joined in this venture by a great team including Ares Teixidó and Alan Lillo, famous for their impersonations of Neymar, Antoine Griezmann and Quique Sánchez Flores, among others on the programme “Crackòvia”. Clara Piera, Bruno Feliu, Enric Lucena and Oriol Dalmau will also be part of the team on the new show which takes a fun look at the sports world.

From the 15th March at 12:30, the viewers will get their fix off un on “Los Infiltrados” with sections dedicated to some of the most unlikely sports news published both on TV and online, as well as taking a look at some of the online posts from sportsmen and women from around the world, footage from the most spectacular extreme sports, special reports from Isma Juárez, the team member who will be trying a different sport every week in addition to a look at the most entertaining side of football grounds with the very best interviews with Clara Piera.

Social media will also be another fundamental element and viewers will be able to interact with the show via the #LosInfiltradosDeGOL hashtag with the different official channel profiles on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The Poble Espanyol area in Barelona premieres new interactive and multi-media functionality developed by Mediapro Exhibitions

The historic area in the Catalan capital is upgrading its visitor experience with new technologies and interactive exhibits

The Poble Espanyol area in Montjuïc is currently undergoing a technology make-over which will see it upgrade the visitor experience with cutting-edge interactive exhibits developed and created by Mediapro Exhibitions, a MEDIAPRO Group company. The visit has incorporated new technology and interactive spaces that generate more user involvement, enrich the content and make the visit much more dynamic and educational. The multimedia project is the new star atrraction.

In this way, the Poble Espanyol is looking to provide a more entertaining experience for visitors, who were asking for a more dynamic visit with better support over the course of the typical route around the area as well as understanding the content presented more easily. Rovira, the Poble Espanyol managing director, considers that "with this project we've reached the objective that we'd set ourselves and in addition, we're convinced that the new technology will provide a significant upgrade on the viewer experience and off something fresh compared to the rest of the other cultural opportunities in Barcelona.” The investment in the project is close to 2.3 million euros.

For Glòria Martí, the head of projects at Mediapro Exhibitions, "it was a quite challenge to carry out the upgrade at the Poble Espanyol with its 100-year history, integrating the technology in the surroundings and making the content more accessible, with new experiences which match up with the over-arching objectives of the site, helping to contribute to making Poble Espanyol a place to generate excitement, with more interaction with the visitor without losing its time-less appeal”.

The multi-media project features 3 new spaces:

A Welcome Area, equipped with 8 interactive screens with the all information needed to plan a visit and find out about the history of the Poble Espanyol. It also features a scale-model of the site with audiovisual support highlighting the key areas of the visit.

Feeling Spain, made up of 5 immersive audiovisual areas which recreate different areas of Spain (North, South, Centre and Mediterranean as well as the internationally famous Camino de Santiago. The areas all feature interactive HD screens which combine the audiovisual experience with other scenes using other senses including smell.

Fiesta, the star attraction of the multi-media project and the new phase in the history of the area. The installation recreates, via a big-screen format with two walls 8x7m, the most emblematic Spanish festivals. The audiovisual presentation showcases some of the big events of popular culture grouped together by concept.

A large-screen format with latest generation technology takes the visitor inside the character of the people, the emotions, the experiences, the passions and the soul of some of the most popular cultures in Spain. The images shown in this area have all been shot in 4K around Spain over the course of a year with close to 180 hours of footage filmed in 9 different locations around the country.

Mediapro Exhibitions

Mediapro Exhibitions has a proven track record in the design and construction of exhibition and museum spaces across a wide range of different subject matters. Educational projects such as the CaixaLab (CaixaForum), Data Square for the Lausanne Polytechnic University (EPFL) and the complete upgrade of the Permanent Exhibition Space at the CosmoCaixa; other projects related to urban planning such as in the Future Museum in Mexico City and the Oliva Artés Museum in Barcelona, as well as cultural projects such as the Casa Vicens in Barcelona and the Pompeii Exhibition in Madrid.

Mediapro Exhibitions has also carried out numerous sports projects with highlights being the Barcelona Football Club Museum, the Bernabeu Tour (Real Madrid), the AC Milan Museum, the Brazilian Football Confederation Museum, the Athletic Bilbao Football Museum, the set-up of the Ferrari Land Gallery in Port Aventura. It is currently working on the MEP (Messi Experience Park) in Nanjing, one of its most ambitious and complex projects to date.

Mediapro Brands up close with Diego Costa and Vitolo

The two latest Atletico signings got to know each other a little better over a few Mahou beers

The Madrid-based beer brewer partnered with Mediapro Brands again to create some fun online entertainment featuring Atletico Madrid’s two latest signings: Diego Costa and Vitolo.

The players had to demonstrate how much they knew about the other after two months at the club in a fun test about their personal lives, hobbies and things they like doing.

In addition, they also talked about how they’ve adapted to Atletico Madrid, the team’s form and the targets for the season.

Overon deploys teams to cover all the key news stories over the last week

News coverage of the Gabriel police investigation from Almería and the women’s day events on the 8th March from six Spanish cities

Over the course of last week, Overon provided news broadcast services from a variety of different places around Spain. It covered the announcements made Juan Ignacio Zoido from the Interior Ministry last Sunday when the death of the young boy Gabriel was made public. A 16-strong team then travelled to Almería equipped with 4 DSNG’s, 12 ENG cameras and 10 back-pack broadcast units. The company provided services for the TV stations: TVE, Antena 3TV, laSexta, Cuatro, Telecinco, Canal Sur and Telemadrid.

Last Thursday, the 8th March, Overon provided pool signals for the demonstrations in support of International Women’s Day in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, A Coruña and Bilbao.

In Madrid, 4 HD cameras were used for the coverage with 2 cameras following the events from Cibeles another covering the head of the demonstration at all times. A third camera was used to for interviews with the fourth covering the end-of-event speeches. The signal, which was provided to event organisers, was also shared with RTVE, Antena 3, Mediaset, FORTA, Grupo Voz, El Confidencial and Público. In Madrid, Overon also provided live coverage with back-pack broadcast equipment for ETB, laSexta, Telemadrid and the programme “El Intermedio” (laSexta).

“Chica Vampiro” consolidates its position on the Disney Channel

The successful Columbian kids’ series produced by Televideo and RCN Televisión is the channel favourite among viewers aged 4 to 12

Since its launch on the 5th February in the prime-time slot on Disney Channel, "Chica Vampiro" has quickly become the channel’s most popular show among viewers aged 4 to 12. The RCN Televisión and Televideo production is also the number one show for girls between the ages of 9 and 12, with an audience share 3.6 points over the channel average for the previous 4 weeks.

In just two and a half weeks on air, “Chica Vampiro” has notched up an average of 648,000 viewers. In addition, since its launch, it’s at the top of the most watched content on the channel’s app with more than 196,000 videos watched and 43,0000 unique visitors. “Chica Vampiro” has been sold and broadcast with excellent viewing figures in Venezuela, El Salvador, Panama, Nicaragua, USA, Benelux, Italy, Bolivia, Honduras, Angola, Mozambique, France, Portugal, Israel, Latin America and Russia, among others.

Vampire mania has seen such an impact that the two main characters Greeicy Rendón and Santiago Talledo, have already gone on several concert tours in Italy and France, places where they have legions of fans.

"Chica Vampiro", tells the story of Daisy (Greeicy Rendón) an every-day girl, who goes to school, has fun, loves dancing, dreams of a career as a singer and to be with Max (Santiago Talledo), the love of her life. However, she’s got some rather strange special powers: her parents are vampires and she too has become one which make its very tricky to hide, especially from her boyfriend.

“Cyborgs Among Us”, at the CPH:DOX Festival in Copenhagen

One of the world's most important documentary film festivals in the world

The 2018 Copenhagen International Documentary Festival (CPH:DOX) is set to screen “Cíborgs entre nosotros” this week, a MEDIAPRO production. The 77-minute long documentary has been at the festival since the 16th March and will be screened in three different sessions in three different cinema theatres in the Danish capital before the close of the festival on the 25th March. It will also be shown twice in the Danish town of Koling.

“Cyborgs Among Us”, directed by Rafel Duran Torrent, presents the story of four cyborgs. The people featured in the documentary explain why they decided to take that extra step, the problems that their condition as cyborgs have over the course of a day and how they fight to overcome the prejudices of society.The documentary also visits the high-level research labs and discovers that the science is closer and closer to being able to transform us into cyborgs with the barrier being ethical than anything else. In the second part of the programme the philosophical, ethical and legal implications of going beyond what is human and allowing us to become part machine are analysed.

In just a few years, the technology will fuse with our bodies in ways which are currently unimaginable, redefining the limits of what it is to be human and will increase our biological capabilities as a species. Currently, body fusion with the technology is restricted and is only accepted for technical reason. But there are people that, driven by the desire to experiment, have crossed the biological boundaries: the first ever cyborgs and face society’s reaction to them which ranges from mistrust to enthusiastic approval. At the moment, there is just a tiny minority and many consider them to be crazy but in the near future, they come to be recognised as being pioneers.

“Cyborgs Among Us” is a Media 3.14 and Yuzu Productions (Paris) production with Televisión Española and Televisió de Catalunya, in collaboration with Science et Vie TV (France), SVT (Sweden), NRK (Norway), DR (Denmark), with the support of the Europa Creativa/Media of the European Union and the Catalan Regional Government Department of Culture.

MEDIAPRO staff and productions receive 16 TV awards for the 2017-2018 season

2 Ondas, 2 Fotogramas, 2 Zapping, 2 Actors’ Union Awards, among others

MEDIAPRO continues to invest in quality fiction content and has picked up a host of awards for the 2017-2018 season: Group productions have won a total of 16 awards in festivals and TV events. 2 Ondas Awards, 2 MiM Series Awards, 2 Silver Fotogramas awards, 2 Zapping and 2 Actor’s Union Awards. Juan Navarrete, the executive producer and director of “Ninja Warrior”, has also recently been presented with the TV Arts and Science Talent Award.

Award winners include “Estoy Vivo” (TVE) with five awards: 2 MiM Awards for Best Script and Best Actor in a Drama Series for Javier Gutiérrez; the Ondas Awards for Best Actor in a Fiction Series for Javier Gutiérrez; and the Silver Fotogramas Award for Alejo Sauras, who also picked up the Zapping Award for Best Actor.

“Vis a Vis” (A3) has picked up four awards: a Silver Fotogramas for Best Series, 2 Actors’ Union Awards for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Alba Flores and Best Actress for Inma Cuevas, and the Best Lesbian Visibility Award at the Andalesgai Festival for the actress Alba Flores.

“Nit i Dia” (TV3), picked an Ondas Award for Best Actor in a series broadcast on a regional network for the actor Josep Maria Pou, the Zapping Award for Clara Segura and the Best Spanish Series award at the Zoom Festival.

“El lector de Huesos” (EITB) won the Special Award at the Vitoria TV FesTVal with “Zapeando” (laSexta) also picking up the D.O. La Mancha Award in Young Communication category.

In addition, the documentary “Spain in a day”, directed by Isabel Coixet and produced by MEDIAPRO for TVE, also won the Iris Jury Award for its ground-breaking format.

Mediacloud upgrades its corporate image

With the new logo, it strengthens its links to the MEDIAPRO GROUP with the objective of providing a more uniform, visual, attractive and accessible image

This week has seen Mediacloud, a MEDIAPRO Group company, present its new corporate image. The company has upgraded its identity with the aim of highlighting its core values of: local service provision with a global vision, flexibility and critical data management. The new Mediacloud look went public this week across its web-page, portals, social media profiles and merchandising. With the new identity, Mediacloud strengthens its link to the MEDIAPRO Group with the objective of making their image more uniform, visual, attractive and accessible.

The theme behind the new logo is ‘evolving structures, inspired by nature. With this concept, Mediacloud has created a link between nature and the evolution of society, with nature being the start of everything. In fact, the architecture is often based on natural structures, in its flexibility and ways of improving. Our company is creating cloud structures and architecture to optimise company growth.

Xavi Coma, the Mediacloud CMO, highlights that “this new identity goes beyond aesthetics. We’re trying to transmit the vision and the values which we implement every day and separate us from the pack”. The corporate image is not the only upgrade. With the slogan “DNA cloud, we innovate in the digital society”, Mediacloud is putting down a marker for the provision of traditional cloud services. “We don’t sell technology, we sell improving the business model of our clients”, explains Gustau Serra, the Mediacloud CEO.

All the upgrades come on the back of some new signings at the company which reflect their position in the IT cloud sector. The continued Mediacloud investment in technology is based on their clear vocation to provide excellent client service, with an experienced team with a proven track record of success which has seen the company grow at a dizzying pace over the last five years.

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